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Feel Good About Your Space!


Welcome to Sort Me Out Professional Home Organizing and Decluttering Service

This is the First Step to Organizing and Decluttering Your Home!

In this day and age, we all seem to accumulate a lot of "stuff". Your busy life means your time and space are precious. Sometimes the tasks of sorting, organizing and purging to keep up with things can seem overwhelming!

Clearing out unwanted clutter and passing along items that someone else may find of use not only helps to make your living space more organized, but is often liberating as well. Feel good about your space!

Clearing a few closets or downsizing an entire household . . .

Whether you need to address individual areas of clutter in your home such as bedrooms, closets or storage areas ~ or need a complete downsizing and organizing services for your entire home to prepare for a move, I'm reliable, experienced and here to help!

My services are available at an hourly rate or on a project basis - from the small immediate jobs of organizing a closet or sorting through paperwork to the complete downsizing of a household in anticipation of a move. You aren't locked into an expensive, long-term contract and we can proceed step by step or project by project. You choose how much help you want or need. Families, kids, dogs, pets, boomers & elders welcome!

My services are client-centered, respectful of your home, personal possessions and lifestyle. I provide you with a personalized plan of action to meet your specific decluttering or downsizing needs and preferences. I am always professional, experienced, nonjudgmental and discreet. 

My Services Include:

  • Creating a judgment-free plan of action to address your unique needs, challenges and wants
  • Providing you with pleasant, hands-on assistance in sorting your possessions, deciding what to keep, gift, donate or recycle
  • Arranging for the most cost effective or profitable disposal of your unwanted items through donations, consignment, hauling, Craigslist or other green community recycling services
  • Decluttering in preparation for moving and home staging to help facilitate listing your home quickly, saving you money by avoiding unnecessary expenses in moving things you don't want or need to move.
  • Unpacking and setting up your home after a move
  • Home inventories and photo documentation of possessions
  • Helping you prepare your home for guests, upcoming holidays, parties or special events
  • Household projects that need a bit of time & initiative - organizing filing systems, bills, paperwork, etc.
  • Single "tune-up" days or half-day sessions are available to organize a closet or to help catchup on areas that regularly attract clutter. Hourly and daily rates are available - and may be booked on a regular basis as needed
  • Light packing of items for storage, inventoried and labeled
  • Preparation for estate sales and yard sales
  • Sorting, cleaning out and creating more usable space in garages, attics, storage rooms and outbuildings
  • Sorting and organizing kid's closets, bedrooms and play areas
  • Helping to organize living spaces in RV's, buses and boats
  • Helping to make your living spaces more organized and enjoyable so that they work more comfortably and effectively for you
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