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JoAnn Latvaitis
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"Before" and "After" examples:

Before: Cramped & cluttered upstairs hallway landing had become a magnet for laundry, toys, books, clothes and things never put away.

After: Organized, easily accessible  bookshelves, file drawers & desk transform the same area into an inviting home office and study space.

Before: Kitchens and common family areas easily attract and accumulate clutter that multiplies.

After:  Purging unused items and creating storage spaces, common areas become inviting and easier to manage again.

Before: Attic spaces attract outdated items and unwanted goods.  Seemingly out-of-the-way, they can easily begin to overflow and may also pose a fire hazard.
After: Dozens of bags of donated toys, clothes and household items later, this same attic offers more storage space for seasonal items and keepsakes in easily identified tubs.

Before: Bedroom clutter finds its way in the foot-path and accumulates quickly. Living 'around' the clutter often creates unnecessary stress.

After: File boxes sorted & removed, dresser top, drawers & closet cleared and organized create more usable, enjoyable & inviting space!
Before: Counter-tops are magnets for out-of-place items. Disorganized drawers make things hard to find.
Before: Kid's closets! Need I say more?! Many toys & games had never been played with.
Before: Basement clutter adds up quickly and tends to be out-of-sight and out-of-mind, often the "safe" place to keep unused & non-working items.
After: Uncluttered counter-tops lend an easy workspace. Organized drawers help you know what you have and what you need!
After: Four bags of excess toys were donated to charity, making it much easier to find, use and appreciate favorite things.
After: Basement clutter was reduced, with many items going to charity and a family yard sale. Items for donation were organized in a central spot for a free, scheduled charity pick-up.
Before: Attics often house items we never use and completely forget about, robbing households of better-assigned storage space.
After: Sorting and purging unwanted items, disposing of outdated files & papers and donating unwanted goods to charity create ample usable space for storing sentimental items and furniture.
Clearing & organizing barns, bulkheads and outbuildings - No Problem!  I pay particular, special attention to forgotten or over-looked antiquities, family heirlooms & items of value when clearing bulk from outdoor barns & storage spaces.  Assistance in negotiating dumpster, refuse sources and scrap metal disposal so that you receive the best resources at the best price.