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My Clients Include:

Home Buyers and Sellers preparing for market

I assist those who need help downsizing and decluttering in preparation for a move. Together we'll decide what is most important to you and what needs to be most immediately accessible to you in your new home. It's a good time to revisit the accumulated possessions in your home and decide what might be donated or disposed of. Making decisions about what you want to move and what needs to be donated or disposed of help you to more accurately communicate with your moving service about your needs, expectations and costs. When you relocate I am also available to help unpack, place and set-up your new home!

Anyone seeking more comfortable and usable space & organization in their home

With experienced, hands-on support, I'll help you sort and clear out cluttered areas in your home to create a more accessible, organized and enjoyable living space. Reclaiming usable closet and storage space, and tidying up the garage or attic offer more practical space for seasonal items or other goods. Creating new usable space in drawers, pantries and cabinets are always a reward! I also tackle barns, garages and outbuildings. I have excellent resources for additional services for recycling, donation choices and hauling.


Decluttering services help prepare the home for listing more quickly to facilitate an easier, more effective staging. My organizing service will help reduce client stress about transitioning and moving preparation. Downsizing and decluttering also help clients to be better prepared for their closing date and move-out date. Happy, satisfied clients offer more referrals!

Growing Families, Busy Professionals, Baby Boomers, Empty-Nesters, Collectors and . . . .

Sometimes we just don't have the space we feel we need or the time to organize the things we have in the way we wish. We often accumulate things we find appealing but don't always use. Many times, we have things in our home we've been meaning to get rid of or pass along to a friend or relative, but haven't quite had the time or opportunity to do so. Creating areas of "like" items or organizing things into specific task sets - such as papers that need to be sorted - help to gain the upper hand on projects. Creating and following through with a proactive plan help to accomplish tasks that may have been on that "to do" list for some time. Decluttering and organizing can be empowering and liberating!

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