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Customer Testimonials

Your guidance, direction, diligence, consideration and integrity showed in every aspect of the moving service you provided (our mother) Rose. At each turn when it got a tad iffy you always showed tremendous respect and patience.

On behalf of my sister Addie and brothers Phil, Stevie and John please know that beyond a job done with excellence you have assisted in the harmony and well-being of our family. We are all grateful on this snowy day that Rose is safe and sound largely because of your assistance.

A resounding THANK YOU!

- E. Perkins

North Andover, MA

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with JoAnn Latvaitis during the process of preparing my four bedroom home for moving. JoAnn is kind, hard working, and had the expertise to get the job done. During the process of packing and emptying our home, JoAnn helped me decide what to save, what to donate and what to throw away. These tasks can be daunting after raising a family and spending 30 years in the same house! JoAnn helped me pull items out of every nook and cranny of our home. She organized all of the items for packing, she packed them securely and hauled them to a designated area to be moved out later. She made numerous trips to the donation center (Goodwill) with boxes and boxes of items no longer needed, but still useful to others. She had contacts in various charities that accepted furniture and other donations. She arranged for them to pick up these donations and was there to direct them when they came. She even arranged for the disposal of furniture and other larger items no longer useful to anyone! She was willing to do whatever was needed to insure the moving process was a good experience! During the time we spent working together we chatted, worked and laughed a lot! She was very easy to have around while she was doing a great job! This to me was a huge bonus. She had a positive attitude that really made the entire process easy with her by my side. I am thankful that JoAnn was able to help me have a smooth moving experience. My experience with her was WONDERFUL!

- Terri Osiecki

North Andover, Massachusettsand selecting the options from the toolbar.

We did it! And we are incredibly glad we did!! Picture it, tucking in our children at night with their bedrooms un-cluttered, things all have a place. Bedside lamps lit, peaceful children reading and winding down from a busy day. Not to mention, the unvocalized message of "you deserve to live a peaceful, un-cluttered life!" Toys, papers, stuff… it can quickly multiply and accumulate in the blink of an eye! It’s been a pleasure to pare down and scale back to what truly matters to them and to us.

It is a physical, emotional and financial investment to “sort us out.” But, in figuring that people go on vacation for far more money - it is a much longer return on investment. Life gets incredibly busy. We live in a house that I moved into when I was 6 years old. My husband and I bought the house after my Mum and sister had previously owned it. It is now 38 years later! You can imagine that there are some things from all of us, in lots of places of this house! We had our children here. So there are not only things in the attic from my childhood, my sister’s childhood, my Mum… but now my husband and our 2 children! Sounds daunting does it? Well, with all good intentions, the de-cluttering just wasn’t happening.

Fast forward to hearing about the services of Sort Me Out. I emailed JoAnn and had the in-depth, free home consultation. JoAnn then sent back a detailed review of our meeting. We couldn’t wait to have JoAnn come and work with us! We wanted to go through every room in our house. And even… yikes!!… the attic and the basement! It was a delight to work with JoAnn. She is all of the things she advertises… judgement-free, respectful, organized and professional. What she does not say, but we can attest to - she is so very pleasant, lovely, patient, understanding and thoughtful. We will miss her so. We’d like to have her back on a maintenance basis to keep things in check - yearly maintenance plan? Again, worth the investment so as not to go back to the way it was. Having watched the Super Nanny… it’s that feeling the people have when the Super Nanny leaves… no, don’t go! Yes, maintenance plan for sure!

The idea of even having someone come to help us organize began with a small area at the top of the stairs in our 100 year old house. It would be great to have a small desk area to do bills and organized household paperwork. Mainly so the kitchen island did not have a giant pile on it. The kitchen island is the first thing you see when you walk in to our house. It felt as though it was forever piled with papers and stuff. And as we have learned all too well, clutter begets clutter. When JoAnn came for the in-home consultation, she walked around every area of our home with me. I was able to discuss my likes and dislikes in the various areas. The struggles and challenges. Things that worked and things that did not. It was really helpful when she followed our meeting up with such a detailed email. She reviewed so much with such description. That was very helpful. I did not feel pressure to work on rooms or projects that I did not wish to tackle in the house.

While my husband and I were emotionally ready to de-clutter and part with things, JoAnn allowed for us to do it in a stress-free and easy way. Her services are great for allowing a couple to achieve their goals within their space - and still have a great relationship! Kudos to JoAnn for that! We truly appreciated that JoAnn took away the things we did not wish to keep to places that we wished to donate to. It was a relief to know that not everything was being thrown away. There was so much that could go to places such as ReStore (Habitat for Humanity), Goodwill, Bootstraps, Cradles to Crayons… And, the fact that we didn’t need to do that too after doing the parting with the things, made it that much easier.

The weight has been lifted off of our shoulders. We live in a much more peaceful space. We got there very quickly and painlessly with JoAnn’s help. It just wasn’t happening until she stepped over our threshold! Wishing we did it years ago. Just glad we have done it! No regrets. Just incredible appreciation and thanks!

~ Mark and Beth H.

Beverly, Massachusetts

 I have a ridiculously busy work schedule and needed help with unpacking & organizing after recently moving into our new home. Several months had gone by and we didn’t have the time to unpack anything but the necessities. I hadn’t even had the time to set up my home office!

JoAnn was referred to me by a friend and she came to meet me to take a look at things I wanted to accomplish. I desperately needed my home office set up, my business files unpacked and organized, sensitive business papers sorted and shredded, and a study area established for my son. I also wanted to tackle my bedroom closet, unpack boxes to find things I was still looking for, and unpack and organize my bathroom closet. We talked, she listened and made a great plan of action!

She cleared the home office room that was stuffed to the ceiling with moving boxes, unpacking items, putting away things I wanted to keep and tossing things I had packed in haste to move but didn’t need. She created an area for donations while she worked and we purged. I had also ordered a new desk, lamps and bathroom shelves that all needed to be assembled. JoAnn unboxed and put all of them together and set them up. We sorted through dozens of boxes of paper files, shredding and recycling.

She created an inviting, organized work space where I can find everything – and my files are up-to-date and organized. My son now has a comfortable work area for himself for schoolwork, too! I feel so much better about coming home to a place where I can close the door and work when I need to.

JoAnn tackled my closets with enthusiasm and made me rethink the reasons I was keeping things I didn’t really need or want – and I was able to let go of some clothing I didn’t wear any more but that was taking up a lot of space, make note of some new things I wanted to replace, and donate others . She organized all of my closet shelves, folded clothes and created a system that I can easily put things away and know where they are. She grouped all of my clothes seasonally and suggested some new outfits with clothing I already had. I can see and find everything now – and have more room in my closet!

JoAnn unpacked boxes of bathroom products that were still in the hall and organized the bathroom closet. She got rid of all of the old expired stuff, and made sure I knew where everything was in the closet, so I could easily find it. She hauled off all of our donations to Goodwill and provided me a detailed receipt for my taxes. She also delivered the boxes of papers to be recycled to the recycling center so we didn’t have to worry with it. We had a great time working together! She listened to what I wanted and offered great suggestions. I felt I could talk to her very easily.

JoAnn is incredibly professional and is fantastic to work with! She’s comfortable and understanding, and her energy is endless. Her rates are extremely reasonable and she gets the work done incredibly quickly. I feel great about the work she did in my home. I definitely recommend JoAnn to anyone who needs help or direction in their home getting organized. I can’t wait to have her back to tackle the storage area!

- Jessica Ross

San Francisco, California

JoAnn Latvaitis helped me prepare for a major move across the country. I had a lot of decisions to make about what I wanted to take with me and what I needed to get rid of. I had a deadline to meet with my realtor and I wanted to be prepared to move as soon as my house sold. Without her help I would have been lost in 50 years of clutter! She made the whole sorting, packing and moving process so much easier. It put my mind at ease knowing it would get done and I'd be ready to go. She is very efficient and works very fast. She's knowledgeable, professional and very pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help - major or minor.

- Ann N.

Andover, Massachusetts

JoAnn is the most, organized person I have ever met! She organized my closets in a day, which I felt I could have never done in a lifetime. She is the kindest, most giving person I've met in a long time. She can't do enough for you and is always smiling with a pleasant attitude. She possesses a once in a lifetime talent! From the minute I met her I felt so relaxed and anything I asked her to do was not a problem. She is more than AMAZING! Thanks again for all your hard work and help.

- Darlene B.

Daly City, California

I am always happy to provide contact information for references. Please ask! I do not publish full client name or contact information on this page out of respect for my client's personal, home and business privacy.

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